What we believe in

FERTIL S.A.S. is a French company which specialises in fabricating and furnishing garden products. Its commercial activities are possible thanks to the production system located in the heart of the Vosges Mountains (East of France) and to the head offices in Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris region).

Our values

  • Made in France : We focus our production on our factory in the East of France, where the biodegradable plant pots and the natural propagating plug systems are made.


  • Environmental friendly: We consider it essential to giving every and any one a chance to produce and perform commercial activities while respecting the environment. For example, our FERTILPOT is ready to be plant as it is, without adding any waste or any pollution the ground.


  • Solidarity:  We have a direct cooperation with establishments employing handicapped people, like Adapei 88. This is one of the aspects of our production that we cherish most.


  • Adaptability : We are used to adapting our products depending on your expectations. We aim to create new solutions with you that will perfectly fit your needs.