Water saving

30 to 50% of your watering is wasted. This range has been conceived to help you save water.

We offer a horticultural wetting agent to facilitate the substrate remoistening, a water-retaining product to artificially increase and control the substrate water savings, or even a 100% natural mulch in order to limit evaporation from your plant beds.  

AQUAMIX will help you preserve your breeding ground water characteritics from 6 to 12 months.
FERTISORB M increase the useful reserve of substrates and soils. It saves water when it is at its highest level and give it back when its amount is low.
When water is around, FERTISORBP is producing a frostthat helps maintaining a wet environment around roots (seed dip) or hydroseedings.
TERRAFIT is an innovative and versatile mulching: it can trigger water savings hugely limiting the evaporation and doesn’t fly with the wind.