130 years of experience

Around 1880: the current location of the factory was then used to make cardboard

1900: Takeover by the family Henry Boucher

1959: Creation of FERTILPOT

1960: Fabrication machines are used for the first time.





1971: Introduction of PLANTPROD

1973: Development of the MELFERT plug system with the AFOCEL, a unit within the French minister for agriculture

1984: New generation of plug systems, FERTISS

1986: First steps for NUTRICOTE

1987: First introduction of a wetting agent in France

1989: FERTIL became an independent public limited company




2004: Takeover of the PHP Distribution Company

2006: Takeover the biodegradable plant pots activities from the Irish company called ERIN

2009: FERTIL took over brands, patents and stock-in-trade related to the activity of the company Algosa: UNIVERS BIO (CAPILNETT, DECAMAT, DECACIDE, PREVAPLANT)  

2009: Implanting in England through a plug system production unit.





Indeed, for more than 50 years, FERTIL has remained at your disposal to provide you with quality products. In the meantime, we have also managed to develop an undeniable expertise for the fabrication, production and business of our biodegradable pots (FERTILPOT) and then of our other products. Please check out some of our old posters below!