Gardening Advices

Nothing procures a greater satisfaction than to have our own plants growing: waiting impatiently for the plant to show up, observing the little leaves coming out of it and then jumping with the first signs of a flower flourishing.

On every growing plant, roots are forming and can then be transformed into another plant. Indeed, with every cutting, you can share your plant with your friends for example! 

These experiences are magical, not only because you can see them contantly growing and blooing but especially because there is a high risk of failure, like with every natural thing. Here is some advice to avoid disappointment. 

Before any manoeuvre, you have to give a special attention to the different plants behaviour. Begonias for instance need a lot of light. Geranium seeds can’t germinate if the air is too hot. So please read carefully the instructions written on the bag and chose plants that are in accordance with the climate you have at that moment.
For a good cutting, you have to take a piece of stem from a « mother-plant » which has at least a leaf or half a leaf, and a bud. This cutting has to be put into breeding ground. You can say that it is “working” when the roots showed up and that it is starting to develop autonomously, forming indeed a new generation.