The garden range

FERTIL is a company as well centred on the professionals as the particulars: every year, hundreds of millions of young plants are cultivated with our products throughout the world.

With a factory in the Vosges Mountains, we have been creating for 40 years “fertile” biodegradable pots naturally called “FERTILPOT”. We are talking about a biodegradable pot with root tunnelling which are mostly made out of wood fibres. This plant pot gives the chance for roots to fight, to get air and water, easily going through its wall. When you put it directly in the ground, don’t take the pot off and put it entirely in to avoid any transplantation shock. You will have a perfect plant sprout!

The wood fibres pots facilitate your seedlings and cuttings as well as providing an environmental-friendly approach. These young plants must then be put in the ground with their pot. The pot will progressively transform into humus.   

But be careful! These are not our only skills: we can also offer you the FERTISS range (plus rooting system) but also natural fertilizers, or even products that can be found in garden shops. To know more about this, you just have to follow the green line!