FERTILPOT - Biodegradable pots

FERTILPOT is made of plant fibres.

This product is made out of spruce wood from the Vosges Mountains,vwhich does not contain any additive nor chemical products and thus can be used for organic-farming production.

It can be used by horticulturists, for ornamentals, wine or wood garden nurseries, as well as by garden farmers. It has an amazing penetrability for water, air and roots. Our international reputation and success for FERTILPOT is based on this penetrability feature, combined with a good mechanical resistance.

FERTILPOT is the perfect product for anyone who is looking for a quicker growth than usual, an excellent plug system and a sprout without any transplantation shock. It also brings an original answer to the needs expressed by users when they are asking for “ready-to-use” products that keep being environment friendly.

In order to face different situations that can appear, the FERTILPOT range is extensive. The plant pots can be: round, squared single or strips, square and disposed in packs, with or without ergot and the size can go from 25cm3 to 3 litres.
FERTILPACK is composed of FERTILPOTs arranged in a thermoformed tray, designed only for this purpose: it allows a better air circulation around the plant pot and makes the re-wiping and the MONITORING easier.
FERTILPOT can also be useful for nurseries: initially, it was created for wine nurseries, but it has also helped roses, raspberries and strawberry cultures to develop.
Many communities have already trusted and adopted FERTILPOT, being producer or furnishing horticulturists. FERTIL is a versatile tool, adapted to any species and has a very large size range.
FERTILPOT has a good reputation among the professionals for their own use, but they usually don’t use our products in the garden centres.